Prefect Proves He Is Spartan


Written by Gustav Kahn, Year 13 Prefect

I entered the Spartan Sprint in Ellerslie, Auckland recently. The sprint is a five kilometre run with 20 obstacles. We started the race screaming, “I AM A SPARTAN”! We ran the first section before tackling the first obstacle, a 1.2m high wall, which was fortunately easy to climb. As the course went on, the obstacles became more challenging. One included carrying 30 kilograms for 50m and another required swinging through monkey bars, which I failed. A Spartan rule is that for every failed obstacle you have to do 30 burpees. I ended up failing three obstacles, so there were a lot of burpees for me. A highlight of the event for me was when I had to heave a 30kg bucket up to a five metre height. My race time was 38:15 and I came 31st out of 277 competitors. I met some inspiring people and all in all, I had an excellent experience. I would definitely be keen to do it again. Now, I can proudly say, “I am a spartan”.

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