Year 13’s reveal their future plans

With the academic year and secondary school now complete for the Class of 2019, we asked some of our students to tell us their plans for 2020. We wish them all the very best for their exciting, new endeavours.

Anna Blake: “I am going to Wellington to study Fine Arts at Massey University. I will be taking courses such as drawing, printmaking, painting and more. I am considering a Post Graduate Diploma in Teaching.”

Lauren Billet: “I am going to America to be a counsellor at summer camps. I will be teaching kids water-based activities, including swimming and wakeboarding. After that, I plan to go to AUT to study for a Physiology degree.”

Justin Cawood: “Next year, I will start studying software development at Techtorium. It will be a two-year course to gain a Diploma in Information Technology.”

Ryoma Fuse: “In 2020, I plan to be studying Food Science at the University of Auckland. I have always enjoyed the Sciences of Chemistry and Physics and I am looking forward to working in the food industry in the future.”

Aria Grant: “Next year, I am moving to Christchurch to study for a Bachelor of Performing Arts at NAJDA (National Academy of Singing and Dramatic Arts). I’ll be learning how to become a triple threat performer in singing, acting and dancing and how to break into the industry.”

Alice Oh, Head Girl: “I plan to combine the study of Engineering and Commerce at the University of Auckland. I look forward to meeting other first year students in the halls of residence. I hope to one day be an entrepreneur in the Bioengineering field.”

Jayden Phillips: “My plan is to join the New Zealand Navy. I hope to fix ships and to travel the world.”

Samuel Roberts, Head Boy: “I will be studying for a Bachelor of Architecture. This degree interests me because it involves different ways of thinking and a variety of pathways. As well as studying, I will be training to represent New Zealand in the Men’s U20 Indoor Volleyball team for the 2020 Asia tour.”

Ryan Waghorn:  In 2020, I am interested in a Carpentry Apprenticeship because I would like to become a Builder.

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