Young Writer’s Attend Conference At Massey

Written by Jaime Bell, Year 11                                                  Photo: Mikayla Robson Year 11 and Jeshua Harris-Berry, Year 11

Last term, a group of students from Year 11 and 13 attended the Massey University Young Writers Programme for Drama. The first guest speaker of the day, Hannah August, provided an in-depth feminist evaluation of Shakespeare’s classic texts: Othello, Macbeth and Hamlet. We looked closely at the historical context of the plays, how patriarchal themes were presented and the plays’ commentary on social hierarchies.

Lunch in the middle of the day allowed us all to make many connections with other like-minded students before going into the second course with Stuart Hoar. During this time we went over aspects of different scripts and the development of a script to theatre.

Overall, the day provided an insight into different aspects of creative writing for the purpose of Drama and it proved a wonderful chance to interact with others who shared the same interest.

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