Kāhui Ako – Community of Learning

In an encouraging display of unity and community spirit, our local Primary, Intermediate and College schools have embarked on an exciting sports exchange program.  This collaborative initiative aims to foster stronger connections among students and enhance the transition process as they progress through our community schools.  The primary goal of this exchange is to nurture values of teamwork, camaraderie, and community.  It is about learning, growing, and building bridges that will last. For our younger members of our community, this exchange provides a fantastic opportunity to meet peers from different schools and learn valuable life skills such as teamwork, respect, sportsmanship, and friendships that will continue to grow as they move through their educational journey together.

As these students transition into intermediate schools, these exchanges act as a bridge, making the shift from primary to intermediate smoother.  They have made friends and connections from other schools.  By the time these students reach college, they will be better prepared for success, academically, socially, and emotionally.

These programs are a testament to the power of community and care, two of Long Bay College’s key values.  As these students continue to grow, learn, and support each other, our college will certainly shine even brighter.  The bonds formed will translate into a positive and inclusive college culture that will benefit the current student and those who follow in their footsteps.

Our community schools, Sherwood, Torbay, Long Bay, Glamorgan and Oteha Valley Primary, Northcross Intermediate and Long Bay College are building togetherness, nurturing values and creating a brighter future for all.  As our students continue to grow and transition through our community schools, they do so with the knowledge that they are part of a caring and united community.  Together, we make our schools glow with unity and promise a better tomorrow.


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