Long Bay College’s first School Based Teacher Training

Kia Ora, Ko Jess toku ingoa.

Jess Munt was selected as Long Bay College’s first ‘School-Based Teacher Training’ student this year. A Waikato University programme which sees talented prospective teachers train in schools while completing their teaching qualifications with Waikato University.”

“In 2020 I joined the Long Bay College team as a teacher aide and quickly found myself feeling quite passionate and connected to the community here. The ‘School-Based Teacher Training’ Programme has been an amazing opportunity for me to progress my career and training in a way that has allowed me to build on this connection and be supported by the wonderful community here at Long Bay College.”

“I have been so well looked after by my amazing mentor and associate teachers each step of the way, as well as the wider staff at the school. The flexibility I have had to gain experience in different learning areas of the school has been invaluable to me. While the opportunity to work with a variety of classes and students over the course of a whole year has been incredible and a definite highlight of this experience.”

“The ‘School Based Teacher Training’ cohort has been another community that has made this experience for me. Being able to visit these other schools around Auckland and share our experiences together has been incredibly helpful and eye-opening. The professional learning and development I have received at both Long Bay College and the other ‘School-Based Teacher Training’ schools have been of very high quality and relevant to my teaching practice in the classroom as well as university assignments.”

“I would highly recommend this programme to anyone who is wanting to progress their careers or maybe wanting a change in career while remaining involved in the workforce and community. With a full year of experience under my belt as a trainee teacher and the awesome network of supportive teachers I am surrounded by here at Long Bay College, I am feeling confident and excited to head into my first year of teaching next year.”

Career changer? Recent graduate?
This one’s for you. You’ll spend the year completing coursework remotely with the University of Waikato while you work on-site at Long Bay College, one of New Zealand’s top high schools. Transition into your teaching career, and potentially have a job offer in your new profession lined up at the start.

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